Aragon AI Headshot Generator

Generating an AI Headshot Image could not have been easier thanks to Aragon AI Headshot Generator. You can easily create the best headshot with this AI Headshot Generator.

The headshot created by Aragon AI is way too much realistic for the users to work with. It is time for you to get happy as I inform you more about this epic creator as we proceed.

What is Aragon AI Headshot Generator?

Aragon AI Headshot Generator uses your images to generate professional headshots. The generated headshots are realistic and ready to be used professionally.

Aragon AI is built by AI researches. More than 25 million AI headshots have been generated as of now using this amazing generator. Monthly, more than 2.8 million AI headshots are generated.

Many reputable brands like Nike, Tesla, Apple, and more have trusted using Aragon AI for generating AI images.

How to generate Aragon AI Headshot Image? (Step By Step)?

To generate your own Aragaon AI Headshot Image, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Aragon AI:

Step 2: Click on the Create your Headshots button to start creating headshots. Then, you will be required to Sign up to proceed further.

Step 3: After signing up, you will be required to submit some personal details like gender, age, eye and hair color, ethnicity, and state whether you wear glasses or not.

Step 4: In this step, you will asked to upload at least 6 images. You can choose from the best of your photos to let AI generate a headshot.

Step 5: Select pricing plan as per your budget and convenience. Then, share your intention as to why you want to use Aragon AI.

Step 6: After sharing your intention, wait and let AI generate the best results for you which you can download.

Other Headshot Types:

There are various headshot types present at the footer of the website that you can use. These are:

Student Headshots:

These headshots have the power to create a strong personality and prove to be very helpful especially if you are a student looking for a job.

Teacher Headshots:

Use this if you are a teacher and want to upgrade your profile photo in school websites, learning platforms, and more.

Doctor Headshots:

Using a doctor headshot image develops a strong impression on patients and others in hospitals and clinics.

Lawyer Headshots:

A lawyer headshot help lawyers create a good impression on clients while displaying their credibility.

Salesperson Headshots:

Creating a salesman headshot helps the salesman get proper clients and business deals.

Real Estate Agent Headshots:

Getting a real estate agent headshot helps the agents find more number of buyers and earn their trust easily.

Yearbook Photos:

With this option you can instantly create an image similar to the one you get from photoshoot and download for free.

Benefits of using Aragon AI:

Although the best benefit you get using Aragon AI is the generated image, still, there are many other benefits you get from using this AI tool.

These benefits are:

  • Secured Data: Aragon AI ensures proper privacy to secure your data. It will never sell your data.
  • Advanced Encryption: The sensitive user data is encrypted properly to ensure the best protection.
  • You’re in Control: Aragon AI will never use your image for training new AI models without asking for your permission.
  • Live Support: You can contact Aragon AI at the available time to talk to live customer support specialists for any help.

Other Aragon AI Tools:

Apart from the AI Headshot Generator, there are many other Aragon AI tools that you can use. These AI tools are:

  • Magic Eraser: With the help of this tool, you can easily remove people, text, or objects from an image. For using this tool, Signing up is not required.
  • White Backgrounds: Using this tool lets you download a white background image for your design.
  • Black Backgrounds: With this tool, you can download a black background image for your design.
  • Background Changer: This tool lets you change the background of your images. This way you can generate the best backdrop.
  • Email Signature Generator: Using this easy tool, you can generate yourself a free email signature.


Under Individual section, three plans are available for users to purchase to generate their own headshots:

Starter Plan: This plan offers 20 high-quality headshots with 5 poses, outfits and backgrounds in 2-hour processing time at only $35.

Basic Plan: This plan offers 60 high-quality headshots with 20 poses, outfits and backgrounds in 1-hour processing time at only $45.

Premium Plan: This plan offers 100 high-quality headshots with 40 poses, outfits and backgrounds and free background changer in 30-minute processing time at only $75.

Under Business section, the plan offers a dedicated account manager, priority support, custom brander headshots, and more. The price for this plan fluctuates with respect to the number of team members like this:

  • For over 9 team members, the price per team member is $35.
  • For over 50 team members, the price per team member is $30.
  • For over 100 team members, the price per team member is $26.
  • For over 300 team members, custom plans are offered and appropriate team packages are created.

If after using Aragon AI, you are still not satisfied then you can apply for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

Aragon AI Review

The price at which these headshots are created is amazing. Top-notch professional images created by Aragon AI without any photoshoot is exceptionally good.

The different types of headshots available for users comes very handy. Users can easily access these pre-designed templates and create the best headshots as per their fields.


Aragon AI generates headshots using the photos we upload. At least 6 Images is needed for Aragon AI to comprehend the face structure as well as the personal details we submit.

After taking its time, the best headshots are created for you to choose from as per your convenience. Considering the price for different plans, users can easily generate the best headshots for themselves.