Fotor AI Talking Avatar Generator (Ultimate Guide)

Are you looking to create a virtual assistant to help your with your work? Whether you are looking for a digital assistant to explain the context of your video or an interface guide for your clients, creating AI Talking Avatar is all you need.

Let me introduce you to Fotor AI Talking Avatar Generator that is more than enough to blow your mind. Let us learn more about this.

What is Fotor AI Talking Avatar?

Fotor AI Talking Avatar Generator provides you with an advanced technology to help you generate your own avatar. Based on your input and choice, you get a digital avatar as per the role you want.

How to Create Your Talking Avatar using Fotor?

Now, after understanding what Fotor AI Talking Avatar Generator is all about, let us discuss how to operate this to craft ourselves a talking avatar.

So, here in the following steps, I will help you understand its working:

Step 1: To proceed with the crafting of your talking avatar, click on “Create Talking Avatar Now”.

Step 2: Next, click on “Upload an Image” or “Clipfly Cloud”.

Step 3: Now, a dialog box appears that asks you to Sign Up before you proceed further.

Step 4: After Signing in, you will be able to upload an image on which you want an avatar to be created.

Step 5: Now, you can write the text to intend to be converted to speech or upload an audio. For the voice, you can select a voice from the given set of collection.

Step 6: You can access the Video Editing Tools present at the topbar for further modifications.

Step 7: You can also access various AI Tools from the given options.

Step 8: You can access the Support option and take help if you are facing any issues.

Step 9: Now, after getting fully satisfied with the modifications, you need to click upon “Get Started” to utilize your Credits to look at the final result.

Step 10: Now, your AI Talking Avatar has been finalized and is ready to be downloaded.

Fotor AI Talking Avatar Use cases:

Now, you have your avatar. If you are wondering whether you will be able to use it to its full extent, these are the possible cases where you can use it:

  • Presentation Video: No more need of recorded videos again and again. Just ready your script, upload a pic, and choose a voice to let magic happen.
  • Explainer Video: Getting yourself an avatar that will explain your upcoming products or give infromation to the client.
  • Tutorial Video: If you are not always present to give a tutorial, let a talking avatar help you out.
  • Social Media: A Talking Avatar can easily make your video more engaging for the user and help you generate more number of eyeballs.

Try Other Free Talking Avatars Alternatives:

Other AI Tools on Fotor:

AI ToolDescription
AI Image GeneratorEasily converts your words into images.
AI Art GeneratorTransforms your words into art.
AI Photo EffectYou can convert your photos into sketches, and other types of paintings.
AI Photo EnhancerYou can improve colors and enhance the resolution of any picture.
Background RemoverThis tool lets you remove the background from any image.
Object RemoverUsing this tool, you can remove any unwanted object from the image.
AI Avatar GeneratorYou can create your own avatar.
AI Headshot GeneratorIt lets you create a outstanding headshot image.
AI Video EnhancerYou can easily enhance the overall quality of a video.
Video Background RemoverWith this, you can remove the background from a video.
AI Video GeneratorAI turns your words into an amazing video.
AI Gif GeneratorYour text or image can easily be converted to a Gif.
Remove Watermark from VideoThis tool helps get rid of logo texts and more from a video.
Remove Object from VideoYou can remove an unwanted object from a video.


1. Will I have to purchase a premium plan to tryout creating an avatar?

Initially, you are rewarded 20 Credits to tryout the avatar generator.

2. Does an avatar move whole face or only the facial expressions?

No, only the facial expressions of the avatar moves not the whole face or body.

3. Does Fotor provide multiple languages for avatars?

Currently, Fotor only support English language.

4. Will I only have to use voice from give set of collections and not mine?

No, you can add your voice to an avatar.

5. Does creating an avatar in Fotor time consuming?

No, you will get yourself an avatar quickly using Fotor.


When I used Fotor for the first time, I felt like a pro and had a feeling of using for the 10th time. It is so easy to use, it barely feels like you are new to it.

Plus, you will get the best avatar for your image very easily, very quickly. You must give it a try to find out how good it actually is.

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