Create Talking Avatar for Free (Step By Step Guide)

Do you want to create a digital talking avatar for free? If the answer is yes, then this blog is made for you. Talking avatars are digital representations of real-world people made using AI technology. Here, we’re introducing the talking avatar generator.

With Elai, you can create Selfie Avatars, Studio Avatars, Photo Avatars, and explainer videos as well.

Let’s dive into the process of making Talking avatar videos using

What is Talking Avatar by is an advanced AI video generator that provides a large library of avatars to create talking avatars for different purposes like Explainer videos, Real Estate videos, E-commerce. It offers customizable avatars, templates, and animations, making video production accessible to users of all skill levels.

How to create a Talking Avatar using

To create Talking head avatars proceed with below given steps:

Step 1: Go to Click on the “
Try Elai for Free
” button.

Step 2: Create a Free account and log in if you’re already registered on You’ll get the 1 free minute of video creation with awesome digital avatars.

Step 3: Now to create new avatar video, select the “Start with an avatar” option.

Step 4: Select your suitable or prefered avatar from 80+ library of avatars.

Step 5: In right side of the video Editor, you’ll see the Different customization option. (You can add the Images, videos, Music shapes, Stickers, Gifs).

Step 6: Upload your audio file or just Add the speech.

Step 7: Now you can select the right aspect ratio from 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1.

Step 8: Now click on render button to generate the video. You can also preview the video before downloading it.

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Cool Avatars: You can choose from lots of different characters to be in your videos. They look great and make your videos interesting.

Speak Any Language: With, you can talk to people from all around the world because it understands over 75 languages.

Many Voices: There are so many different voices you can use in your videos. This makes your videos sound unique and cool.

Write Less, Create More: Just tell Elai what you want your video to be about, and it will help you write the words for it. Then, you can turn those words into cool video scenes.

Your Voice, Your Style: You can make your videos even more personal by making the avatar talk like you. It’s like you’re speaking in the video!

From Boring to Exciting: You can change boring presentations into fun videos. Add cool characters, animations, and voices to make your presentations interesting.

Easy Sharing: You can make videos from website links quickly. It saves you time and makes sharing videos simple.

Your Unique Avatar: There are different types of avatars you can choose from. Pick the one that matches your video’s mood and message.

Smart Scripting: Elai helps you write amazing video scripts. It uses smart technology to make your videos engaging and interesting.

Ready-made Templates: You don’t have to start from scratch. Elai offers lots of templates to help you make videos easily.

Make it Personal: You can add personal touches to your videos. Change things like names and graphics to make each video special.

Your Brand, Your Videos: Keep your videos consistent with your brand. Add your logos and colors to make your videos look professional.

Record Your Screen: Easily capture what’s happening on your computer screen. Perfect for tutorials, demos, and presentations.

Media Galore: Add cool pictures and music to your videos. It makes them look and sound even better.

Teamwork Made Easy: Work together with others to make amazing videos. Elai makes it simple to collaborate and create awesome content. Use Cases:

Use CasesDescription
Explainer VideosMake powerful videos that explain your business using AI technology.
Increase Organic TrafficTurn your blog posts into interesting videos with digital characters to get more people to visit your website.
HR OnboardingWelcome new employees with cool AI videos that show what your company is like.
E-LearningMake learning more fun with AI videos in online courses and educational videos.
E-CommerceSell more stuff online by making AI videos from screen recordings or links.
Corporate CommunicationsCreate important presentations for your company, both inside and outside.
Real EstateSell houses faster and impress clients with amazing videos made with AI.
AI DubbingEasily translate and add voices to your videos using special AI technology.
AI News GeneratorMake your blog better by using digital news presenters to talk about the latest news.
Cartoon AvatarsTurn any cartoon character into a cool talking digital character using Pricing

1. Free: $0 per month. You get a 1-minute free credit (equivalent to 3 slides per render). No credit card is required, making it easy to get started for free.

2. Basic: $23 per month, or $278 billed annually (saving 20%). This plan costs $1.54 per minute and includes 15 video minutes per month. It’s a great choice for those starting out.

3. Advanced: $100 per month, or $1200 billed annually (saving 20%). Priced at $2.00 per minute, this plan offers 50 video minutes per month. It’s perfect for those with more extensive video needs.

Conclusion on Talking Avatar

In conclusion,’s Talking Avatars offer a powerful solution for creating engaging video content. These avatars, based on real actors and processed with AI, allow you to effortlessly generate narrated videos.