RepliQ AI talking photo Guide 2024

Have you ever created an AI talking photo yet? If not, now is your time to shine as I introduce you to RepliQ AI talking photo generator.

Using RepliQ AI online generator, you can generate the best talking photos for your profile. Let’s us explore more about this generator.

What is RepliQ AI Talking Photo Generator?

RepliQ AI is a generator that generates talking videos using the user’s image. The user gets to choose from over 130 languages and over 100 voices for their characters.

You are only required to have a photo and a script and without any need of recording, the talking video will be generated. The videos are generated with the best lip sync in the entire market.

How to use RepliQ AI Talking Photo Generator?

After getting the basic knowledge of the RepliQ AI Talking Photo Generator, now it is time for us to get our hands on this AI tool.

To use RepliQ AI follow simple these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you are supposed to go to the official Repliq AI website by clicking here.

Step 2: Now, you are supposed to Sign Up to proceed further. This will direct you to the video personalization platform.

Step 3: In this step, you are required to upload a front face image for the generation purpose. You can also select an avatar from the set of collection already present.

Step 4: Write the script of the video including lead’s first name or company’s name. You can also use an icebreaker up to 150 characters. Moreover, you can input prompts to let AI generate the script for you.

Step 5: In this step, you are supposed to add the lead list alongwith URLs for the background. Shortly, you will get 100s of videos generated ready to be deployed to the leads.


There are various features that you get to access while using RepliQ AI. Here, I have listed them for you:

Visually Compelling:

The way RepliQ transforms your text into talking avatars is done very carefully. This ensures that the dynamic videos are as visually stunning as possible.

Your Prospect’s Face, Your Message:

The generated talking avatars are created with the intention to grab the attention of a large number of users.

Text To Video:

Add your photo, select a voice or upload your own voice. RepliQ ensures that each word of your script gets displayed word by word to create the best visual experience.

Why you should use RepliQ AI?

If you are wondering why you should use RepliQ AI and not any other AI tools, then refer to these points:

1. RepliQ drive clicks:

The video generated by RepliQ AI not only grabs attention but drives clicks as well.

Alongwith your face, social media profile or website can also be seen in the background of the video.This powerful combination perfectly tailors the message you want to deliver.

2. Yourself as an Avatar:

You can generate your own avatar using your own image. This will help you present your videos with better authenticity and powerful communication.

The generated personalized talking videos leave lasting impressions and drive interactions that are meaningful.

3. Deepest personalization:

RepliQ AI offers advanced personalization script feature. With this feature, you can go further than using only the lead’s firstname.

You get to include job title, company name, and more. Ultimately, this makes your message much more impactful.

RepliQ Pricing:

To use RepliQ AI, there is no specific pricing plans. Only monthly but not yearly plans are available for users. Monthly plans are avialable in essence to the number fo credits the user requires.

After purchasing a plan, you can record or upload your videos, merge feature to videos, remove RepliQ branding, and more such features will be available.

For starters, $39/month is charged for 200 credits monthly, $79/month for 400 credits monthly, and more price for more monthly credits.


What are some of the things that I will get personalized after purchasing a plan?

If you purchase a plan, you will get personalized text icebreakers, thumbnails, CTA’s. AI images at scale, etc.

Will I be able to add my own logo and company?

Yes, can add your own company domain and logo to the generated video.

Will I get any support or help if I cannot use RepliQ AI properly?

You get 24/7 priority support as a chatbot is available to help you out with any problems you might face during generation.

What is the value of 1 credit?

The value of 1 credit is equal to 1 personalized element. This 1 personalized element is equal to 1 video background or 1 image or 3 personalized lines.

How long does it take for the elements to be generated?

RepliQ is the fastest AI to generate talking videos on the entire market. The AI videos usually take more time generate because the content is properly personalized.


RepliQ AI generates talking videos using images that seem realistic and are crafted properly with lips perfectly synchronized with the script. The steps to follow for generation are also very less.

The priced plans available for users is pretty much affordable for users and offer sufficient credits to let them flaunt their creativity and generate the best talking videos.