SadTalker vs D-ID Studio

AI video generation is a technology that allows users to create realistic and engaging videos from text, audio, or images. AI video generation platforms are applications that offer various tools and features to help users create AI videos for different purposes and audiences.

Two of the most popular AI video generation platforms are SadTalker and D-ID Studio. In this article, we will compare these two platforms based on their features, pricing, performance, and user reviews.

SadTalker vs. D-ID Studio Overview

FeatureSadTalkerD-ID Studio
TechnologyStableDiffusionDeep Video Portraits
PricingFree Customized for enterprise customers
AvatarsUnlimitedOver 140
LanguagesOver 130
ExpressionsOver 10Over 10
Video formatsMP4, AVI, MOV, etc.MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.
Video resolutionsUp to 4KUp to 4K


SadTalker and D-ID Studio have some common features, such as:

  • The ability to create AI videos from text, audio, or images
  • The option to choose from different avatars, languages, and expressions
  • The support for various video formats and resolutions
  • The integration with other platforms and services, such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, etc.

However, they also have some unique features that differentiate them from each other. For example:

  • SadTalker is an open-source platform that allows users to customize and modify the code and models according to their needs. D-ID Studio is a proprietary platform that does not offer such flexibility.
  • SadTalker uses a deep learning model called StableDiffusion to generate realistic facial movements and expressions. D-ID Studio uses a proprietary technology called Deep Video Portraits to create lifelike avatars and animations.
  • SadTalker offers a free plan for personal and non-commercial use, as well as a paid plan for commercial use. D-ID Studio only offers a paid plan for enterprise customers.


As mentioned above, SadTalker offers a free plan for personal and non-commercial use, which allows users to create up to 10 videos per month, with a maximum length of 5 minutes per video. The free plan also includes access to all the features and avatars of SadTalker.

For commercial use, SadTalker offers free-to-use using the HuggingFace platform.

D-ID Studio does not offer a free plan or a fixed pricing plan. Instead, it provides customized pricing for enterprise customers, based on their specific needs and requirements. To get a quote, users need to contact D-ID Studio and provide details about their project and budget.


Both SadTalker and D-ID Studio claim to provide high-quality and realistic AI videos, but their performance may vary depending on the input and output parameters, such as the source image, the driven audio, the avatar, the language, the expression, the video format, and the video resolution.

According to some user reviews and comparisons, SadTalker tends to be slower than D-ID Studio, especially when generating high-resolution videos. Some users have reported that SadTalker takes 2-3 minutes to generate one video, even with a powerful GPU, while D-ID Studio takes less than a minute.

However, some users have also praised SadTalker for its flexibility and customizability, as well as its ability to handle different types of inputs and outputs. Some users have also suggested some tips and tricks to improve the speed and quality of SadTalker, such as splitting the video into shorter segments, using a faster model, or adjusting the parameters.

D-ID Studio, on the other hand, has been praised for its speed and realism, as well as its ease of use and user interface. Some users have also complimented D-ID Studio for its customer service and support, as well as its integrations and features.

User Reviews

To get a better idea of how users perceive and experience SadTalker and D-ID Studio, we can look at some of the user reviews and ratings from different sources, such as Reddit, YouTube, G2, etc.

Here are some examples of user reviews for SadTalker:

  • “SadTalker is very slow, even with A100 Nvidia GPU it generates one video 2-3 minutes. Do you know any other alternatives to make the animated video faster, something similar to D-ID, but open source? I also tried to test on H100 Nvidia graphics card, but it doesn’t support some error.”
  • “Sadtalker has a faster model which hasn’t officially released yet. You can find it here: “
  • “Split the video in 4 a 5 minutes each, and make a batch file, here mine: python –driven_audio 01.wav –source_image 1.png –preprocess resize –pose_style 5 python –driven_audio 02.wav –source_image 1.png –preprocess resize –pose_style 3 python –driven_audio 03.wav –source_image 1.png –preprocess resize –pose_style 7”
  • “I love SadTalker, it’s amazing what you can do with it. I use it for my YouTube channel and it works great. The quality is very good and the avatars are very realistic. The only downside is that it takes a lot of time to generate the videos, but I don’t mind waiting.”

Here are some examples of user reviews for D-ID Studio:

“D-ID Studio is the best AI video generator I have ever used. It’s fast, easy, and realistic. The avatars look like real people and the animations are smooth and natural. The customer service is also very helpful and responsive. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to create professional and engaging videos.”

“D-ID Studio is a scam. They charge a lot of money for a low-quality product. The videos are blurry, pixelated, and distorted. The avatars are creepy and unnatural. The customer service is rude and unprofessional. They don’t offer any refunds or guarantees. Stay away from this platform.”

“D-ID Studio is a decent AI video generator, but it’s not worth the price. The videos are okay, but not very impressive. The avatars are limited and boring. The features are basic and not very innovative. The customer service is slow and unreliable. I think there are better and cheaper alternatives out there.”

“D-ID Studio is a great AI video generator, but it’s not for everyone. The videos are high-quality and realistic, but they require a lot of input and output parameters. The avatars are diverse and lifelike, but they are not customizable. The features are advanced and useful, but they are not user-friendly. The customer service is friendly and helpful, but they are not available 24/7. I think this platform is best for enterprise customers who have specific and complex needs.”


SadTalker and D-ID Studio are two of the most popular AI video generation platforms, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. SadTalker is an open-source platform that offers more flexibility and customizability, but it is slower and less user-friendly. D-ID Studio is a proprietary platform that offers more speed and realism, but it is more expensive and less adaptable.

The best choice depends on the user’s needs, preferences, and budget. For personal and non-commercial use, SadTalker may be a better option, as it offers a free plan and a wide range of features. For enterprise and commercial use, D-ID Studio may be a better option, as it offers customized pricing and high-quality videos.