Create Realistic AI Talking Avatar using Speechify for FREE!

Getting yourself an AI Talking Avatar can do wonders no matter which audience you target or on whichever platform you want it to be.

Generating an AI Talking Avatar might be considered a difficult task by many, but let me tell you how easy and quick the whole creation process is in reality.

Speechify AI Talking Avatar is an AI tool to help you with that. With this AI tool, you will be able to create the best AI 3D Talking Avatar very easily.

What is Speechify AI Talking Avatar?

Speechify AI Talking Avatar Generator is an online generator which lets you create an AI Talking Avatar easily. It is the #1 AI Voice Over Generator. It creates realistic human quality voice through recordings.

It lets you narrate text, videos, and explain anything in style to be applied to your online talking avatar.

If you are eager to find out its working mechanism considering how it became the #1 generator, let us take a look at the step by step guide:

How to Create Speechify AI Talking Avatar (Step By Step)?

Now, let us understand the steps to create ourselves an AI Talking Avatar using the Speechify AI Talking Avatar Generator:

Step 1: As you hover over the AI Voice Generator tab from the top bar, many AI tools are available for you to access. Go to the AI Avatar option at the bottom.

Step 2: Now, click on the Launch Studio option to open the editor to create AI Talking Avatar.

Step 3: Now, you are required to Sign Up to access the editor to create your AI Talking Avatar.

Step 4: Head over to the Create AI Avatar option to begin with the crafting of your AI Talking Avatar.

Step 5: You are at your own studio to create magic and bring your own AI Talking Avatar to life. Now, you can add your dialogue, select the voice, speed, and go through other features to finalize your 3D animation video.

Step 6: Click on Export to download the final result. You must purchase a premium plan to download the final video.

Speechify Talking Avatar Features:

There are various features that you can apply on your 3D Animation Video.

  • Resolution: On the top left corner, you get many options to set the resolution.
  • Background: Under the Voice Over option, you can set the background color.
  • Import Script: You can add a recorded audio clip for a script.
  • Upload: You can add your own audio or video under this option.
  • Media: Here, you can select from a variety of audio and video.
  • Music: You can add music for your video from a set of collections for your video.
  • Voice Cloning: You can clone your own voice if you want to add your own voice for the animated character.
  • Text: Here, you can add Heading, Subheading, Paragraph, Quote, or Caption.
  • Avatar: Under this option, you can select your avatar from the collection, its style, object fit, its alignment, layout, and position.

Speechify AI Other Tools:

Under the AI Voice Generator tab from the top bar, you can access many other AI tools like these:

1. AI Voice Over:

This tool lets you convert your content into a voice over. You can download it as an .MP3, .OGG, or .WAV file later.

2. Voice Cloning:

With this you can generate high quality clones of human voices within seconds.

3. AI Dubbing:

This tool lets you automatically translate and dub new or existing videos. You can do this in over 100 languages.

4. Transcription:

With this tool, you can easily transcribe a video quickly. You can do this in over 20 languages.

5. Text To Speech API:

This is the most natural-sounding Text-to-Speech API on the internet.

6. Voice Over Studio for Business:

To access this feature, you must talk to the sales and ask for a free demo.

How to use Text To Speech in Speechify?

So, now let us shift our focus to another topic and discuss Text To Speech. Speechify will easily help you in learning how to use this feature. Over 50+ natural, human-like voices and 15 languages are available for you to select from while accessing this feature.

Step 1: You are supposed to head over to the top bar of the homepage. From their, select Text To Speech option.

Step 2: Click on Try for Free to get yourself a demo of this feature. After being done, you are supposed to copy the text or type it in the box.

Step 3: Select the language, voice, and speed accordingly to listen as per your convenience.


1. Can I create my own talking avatar using Speechify?

Yes, you can upload your own pic which will be detected and animated by AI. You can clone your voice and give to your own character.

2. What actually is TTS or Text To Speech?

If you are still wondering what is TTS or Text To Speech, then, in simple words, its using artificial intelligence to read out loud any text you want.

3. Where will I use 3D AI Talking Avatar?

You can select as per your convenience. Whether you want a digital instructor or a social media platform buddy as a digital assistant.

4. Can I use my mobile phone to use the feature of Text To Speech?

Yes, you can use your mobile phones to scan any text and use it to read out loud an piece of text.

5. Can I download the .MP3 file?

You can download the .MP3 file of the audio you generated with the help of Text To Speech feature. The option is easily available for you.


Speechify AI Talking Avatar Tool is an easy way to create digital talking personalized Avatars. Personally speaking, it is a complete package for all of your work, plus, it is so easy to use.

When I started using it, I realized how great this tool is and it is still coming handy. I use it often and keep using the new AI tools it offers.

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