Vidnoz AI Talking Photo Online Generator (FREE)

Do you want to create talking photos or talking head videos using AI? Here you can make talking head videos using Vidnoz AI Tool.

Vidnoz AI is an online tool make your realistic talking photo online free with efficiency.

What is Vidnoz AI Talking Photo?

Vidnoz AI Talking photo is one of the popular tool of Vidnoz AI Video Generator. You just have upload or select the photo, input text and create a talking photo AI online free in 100+ languages.

How to Create an AI Talking Photo Free?

Step 1: Select, Upload, or Generate a Photo

  • Choose an avatar or create your own by uploading a clear front-face image.
  • You can also use the AI Generate feature to create a photo from text.

Step 2: Write Your Script and Personalize

  • Prepare your speech for explainer videos, onboarding videos, etc.
  • Select the language, voice, and emotion for your avatar’s speech.

Step 3: Generate Your Talking Photo Online for Free

  • Click the Preview button to listen to the speech and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Once satisfied, click the Generate Video button to create the talking photo.


1. Realistic AI Talking Photo:

Generates lip-syncing videos from a provided script, converting text to speech and automatically syncing audio with realistic lip movements.

2. Create Talking Photo:

Allows users to easily create talking photos online.

3. Create Realistic Lip-syncing Avatar Video:

Generates videos with realistic lip-syncing effects using customizable avatars.

4. Customizable Avatars & Voiceovers:

Users can personalize avatars and voiceovers, including portrait paintings, real human pictures, anime characters, AI-generated photos, and emotive, natural voices in over 100 languages.

5. Free to Generate, Download, and Share:

Users can create videos at no cost, download them as MP4 files after signup, and share them for various purposes such as e-learning, communication, and sales presentations.

Vidnoz AI Other AI Tools

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Tool NameDescription
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AI Talking PhotoBring photos to life with AI-generated speech.
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AI Video EnhancerEnhance video quality using AI algorithms.
AI Dance PhotoCreate dancing animations from photos.
AI Video TranslatorTranslate video content using AI technology.
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Online RecorderRecord videos directly through an online platform.

AI Photo Tools

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Photo Face SwapSwap faces in photos effortlessly.
AI Headshot GeneratorGenerate professional headshots using AI.
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AI Voice Tools

Tool NameDescription
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Vidnoz AI Talking Image Use Cases:

1. Business:

  • Use Case: Create a speaking portrait video to promote your brand and introduce a new product or service.
  • Description: You can use the powerful talking photo AI tool to generate engaging videos that showcase your brand and highlight new offerings.

  • Use Case: Use talking avatars for onboarding, training, or internal communications within corporate settings.
  • Description: Employ the talking avatar feature to streamline internal processes, facilitating onboarding, training sessions, and corporate communication.

2. Education:

  • Use Case: Transform teaching materials and documents into videos for efficient sharing of lectures and presentations across multiple locations.
  • Description: You can use the talking photo AI tool to convert educational content into dynamic videos. Improve accessibility and engagement for remote learners and educators.

3. Customer Support:

  • Use Case: Provide instructional solutions for product usage and troubleshooting through talking head videos.
  • Description: Enhance customer support services by offering visually guided solutions to common product usage and troubleshooting queries.


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