Yepic AI Free Talking Photo Generator

In the world of digital talking avatar, many AI tools are available that turn your photos into talking avatars. Yepic AI Talking photo is a free talking photo creator that will convert any photo into a talking photo. On this blog, we’ve covered most of the AI talking avatar tools and Yepic AI is one of them.

Let’s begin to explore Yepic AI.

What is Yepic AI Talking Photo?

Yepic AI Talking Photo is an AI tool used to convert normal photo into a talking avatar. You can create lifelike AI talking photo using a headshot from 40+ pre-set avatars or generate one.

You get to choose from 50+ actors, 450+ voices and 60+ languages to generate the best AI talking avatar.

How to generate talking photos? (Step By Step)?

To generate talking photos, you are supposed to follow this step by step procedure:

Step 1: You must go to the Yepic AI Talking Photo Generator page.

Step 2: Click on Try for Free to begin your video creation. After visiting to the studio, choose a photo or upload your own photo.

Step 3: If you upload your own image, you are required to enter your name, age, and gender. Then click on the Create button.

Step 4: Write your script or upload a voiceover by your own. Select the suitable voice and language as well as the background while adding shapes around the screen.

Step 5: Your video has been generated. You can choose whether you want to download it, edit it, or translate into different languages as per context.

Yepic AI Features:

Apart from Talking Photos, there are many more features that Yepic AI has to offer to its users. These features are as follows:

Video Chat Bots: This feature allows users to connect with ChatGPT 24/7 to have a face-to-face conversation.

API: Application programming interface allows users to create automated videos workflows that are easily personalised.

Voices: This feature offers over 65 languages, 450 voices and 110 dialects to modify your videos as per your target audience and market.

Avatars: This feature lets you get access to over 80+ avatars in over 100 languages to create yourself the best avatar as per your target audience.

Benefits of using Yepic AI talking photos:

There are many benefits that you will get when you generate talking photos using Yepic AI. Here are some of them:

  • Quick: One of the best benefits is that the generation is pretty quick. No need for studios, actors, venues, or cameras.
  • Localise: Offers versatality since content can be localised across various countries, accents, and languages.
  • Customisable: Everything including voice, actor, accent, language, music, backgrounds, music, and shapes can be customised.
  • For every use case: You can create videos for different audience of backgrounds from educational, business, sales, etc.

Yepic AI Pricing:

To start a Free Trial, users are required to purchase the plans offered by Yepic AI. These plans include:

Consumer Plan:

This plan is considered best for starting with 50 Credits/month, Up to 10 mins of video, and more at £6.98 per user / month and £5.75 per month paid annually.

Standard Plan:

This plan is considered best for creators with 200 Credits/month, Up to 20 mins of video, and more at £29 per user / month and £24.16 per month paid annually.

Plus Plan:

This plan is considered best for growing a business with 750 Credits/month, Up to 250 mins of video, and more at £79 per user / month and £65.83 per month paid annually.

Premium Plan:

This plan is considered best for power users and chat bots with 3000 Credits/month, Up to 1000 mins of video, and more at £499 per user / month and £415.83 per month paid annually.


The AI Talking Photo generated by Yepic AI has a realistic touch to it that just feels real. Keeping in mind, so many actors, voices, and languages available for the user. This is probably the best AI talking photo generator.

Personally speaking, I found the generation of talking photo very easy following so many simple steps. I’m amazed how organic the creation feels. The motion capture and the delivery of the script is top-notch as well.