D-ID Studio Digital Human Video Generator (Talking Avatar)

An AI human video generator is used to create talking avatars. One such tool is D-ID Studio Digital Human Video Generator used to generate talking avatars.

D-ID has become the number one choice for creating AI generated video according to various users and the generator itself.

So, let us get deeper into this and explore how D-ID Human Video Generator came all the way on the top.

What is D-ID Studio AI Talking Avatar?

D-ID Studio AI Talking Avatar is a generator that turns images into talking avatars. Generated videos can be narrated in over 119 languages.

Users are offered various accents and speaking styles. D-ID’s Natural User Interface (NUI) generates high-quality voices. User can customize background color, size, voice, and more.

How to Generate D-ID Studio AI talking avatar? (Step By Step)?

Generating a D-ID Studio AI Talking Avatar is a very easy task. Here, follow these steps to create one for yourself:

Step 1: Go to the official page of D-ID Creative Reality Studio by clicking here.

Step 2: Click on the Create a Video option to start with the generation process.

Step 3: Choose a presenter or generate an AI presenter from the footer. Next, write the script or upload an audio file.

Step 4: Choose the language and select the suitable voice and styles.

Step 5: After selecting everything mentioned in the above steps, click on the Generate Video option.

Step 6: Now, you are required to Sign up to look at the final result. Also, you are supposed to clarify your intention for using this generator.

Step 7: Now, you can finally generate the video which will consume 1 credit. After which your video will be created which you can download or share.

How to create your Agents in D-ID Studio: Step By Step?

You can create agents using D-ID Studio. These are AI assistants that can answer questions as per the knowledge you feed them with, or perform any special role.

Follow these steps to create yourself an agent:

Step 1: To head over to the official page to create agents, click here.

Step 2: Click on the Create Agent option which will direct you to the studio.

Step 3: Select the avatar under the Appearance option.

Step 4: Enter the details of the agent like its name, language, voice, and instructions (optional). Select the knowledge sources for your agent which it will use for responses.

Step 5: After submitting all the important information, click on the Create agent option. Then, in some seconds, your agent will be created.

D-ID Pricing:

D-ID Studio Digital Human Video Generator offers 5 plans for its users that they can choose from according to their budget and use.

Those plans are:

1. Trial:

This plan offers upto 5 minutes of video, upto 10 (20 For Limited Time) agent sessions, and more. This plan is free for all users.

2. Lite:

This plan offers upto 10 minutes of video, upto 11 (34 For Limited Time) agent sessions, and more. This plan is charged at $5.9/month and $4.7/month (yearly).

3. Pro:

This plan offers upto 15 minutes of video, upto 70 (170 For Limited Time) agent sessions, and more. This plan is charged at $29/month and $16/month (yearly).

4. Advanced:

This plan offers upto 100 minutes of video, upto 530 (1153 For Limited Time) agent sessions, and more. This plan is charged at $196/month and $108/month (yearly).

5. Enterprise:

This plan is different from the ones mentioned above. This plan offers customized minutes, sessions and more. For this plan, you are required to click on Contact Us option.


Will I get any free credits and sessions in the beginning?

Yes! Initially you are rewarded 20 credits and 200 sessions for FREE to get your hands on this generator.

What resolution and format of video is supported?

Videos are generated in .MP4 format. The output resolution depends on the API you use.

What are the upload size and format requirements for images?

Image size must not exceed 10MB in size and the formats that are supported are JPEG, JPG, PNG.


D-ID Studio Digital Human Video Generator generates AI avatars with smooth motion and clear voice in simple steps. The different plans available allow users to choose as per their convenience.

From my personal experience, this generator has lived up to its expectations and deserves to be on the top of the world of AI generators of talking avatars.